Scotland in Europe

Scotland In Europe was launched in October 2017 by Alyn Smith MEP (co-authored with Dr Adam Marks and in collaboration with others). It provides a superb reference for understanding the complexities of our exit from the EU. Alyn has 10 years experience in representing Scotland as a Member of the European Parliament.

The book begins by explaining the history and original objectives of the EU. It then moves on to the Brexit process and how this will impact Scotland and her economy.

The book is crammed with facts and figures, addressing all the key issues that will affect Scotland as the UK negotiates to leave the EU.

A website is available ( providing further in-depth analysis and will feature regular updates to the consequences of the negotiations when they are known.

This publication is a "must read" and presents fact, not spin or misinformation. The numerous issues are well presented in a clear and easy to understand style.

In this article, we have embedded the book as an interactive "flipbook" and a pdf version can also be downloaded.

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