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Scotland already has the people and the infrastructure in place for delivering high quality public sector pensions. In particular, the Scottish Public Pensions Agency (SPPA) has been responsible for administering Scotland’s NHS and teachers’ pensions for over twenty years and the Scottish Government has recently confirmed that the Agency is to administer all police and fire-fighter pensions in Scotland from April 2015.

Alongside this delivery expertise, the SPPA is also responsible for developing policy for all of the main public sector pension schemes executively devolved to Scotland.

The SPPA’s mixture of multi-scheme policy and delivery responsibilities is unique in the public service pensions landscape and is a significant asset. No other body in the UK has such first-hand knowledge and experience of both designing and delivering public service pensions policy. This includes the development of policy for, and the management of, two major sets of reforms of public service pensions in the last ten years.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.