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Scotland and the rest of the UK will negotiate to ensure the proper defence and security of both countries from the date of independence. It will be in both countries’ interests that this should be the basis of a constructive and enduring partnership in the months and years that follow.

The priority will be for Scotland to secure the land, air and maritime capabilities – personnel and assets – that are required to protect our territory, people and national interests. This will include negotiations on a number of assets that are currently based in Scotland, as well as negotiation on capabilities that are located elsewhere, such as surface ships, air transport and other land, air and maritime equipment and expertise. The assets that the Scottish Government proposes an independent Scotland’s army, navy, air and special forces will have are set out in Chapter 6.

Scotland has invested, as part of the UK, in significant intelligence-gathering capabilities and would expect that investment to be recognised in the arrangements that will be developed.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.