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Yes. If in government in an independent Scotland, we will prioritise the procurement of four new frigates, preferably through joint procurement with the rest of the UK. Two of these will be ordered in the first parliamentary term of independence and when built will bring the number of frigates in the Scottish Navy to four (the two new frigates as well as the inherited Type 23s). The Scottish Government believes that is the appropriate number of frigates in the longer term, and will order the further two frigates in time to replace the Type 23s when they are retired from service.

Scotland’s shipyards are amongst the most competitive and technologically advanced in the world. The MoD recognised this by awarding BAE Systems in Glasgow the £127 million contract to work on the initial design for the Type 26.

Defence companies are used to working within changing international parameters, and will continue to do so within an independent Scotland. The Scottish Government’s plans for a transition to independence aim to ensure the minimum of disruption, however, while new departments, regulatory frameworks and systems are put in place.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.