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As a nation playing a socially responsible role in the world, an independent Scotland will continue to provide a place of safety for those seeking asylum. Asylum is granted to those fleeing persecution or serious harm in their own country and in need of international protection.

Asylum is a separate issue from immigration. The current Scottish Government proposes that an independent Scotland will put in place an independent asylum agency. It will handle asylum applications from the initial submission, throughout the assessment process and make the decision on whether to grant refugee status to an individual.

The opportunity of independence will also allow Scotland to adopt a new humane approach to asylum seekers and refugees in line with our values and commitment to upholding internationally recognised human rights.

The new powers Scotland will gain at independence around equal opportunities, including race equality and anti-discrimination will be important in supporting Scotland’s ambition to be a progressive, welcoming and inclusive state.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.