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As part of the UK, Scotland currently receives the lowest level of rural development funding in Europe. This is because the Westminster Government does not prioritise this support in its negotiations with Europe.

With independence, Scotland will be able to negotiate for fairer allocations for rural development – similar to that achieved by many other member states. For example, despite Ireland having around 25 per cent of the agricultural land of the UK, it has successfully managed to negotiate an allocation of almost €2 billion for rural development – almost 85 per cent of the total allocation for the UK. Finland offers another example, having negotiated a €600 million uplift. This demonstrates what sovereign countries, similar in size to Scotland, can achieve within EU negotiations when they are able to reflect their own needs and priorities.

Independence will ensure that Scotland enters into the next set of CAP negotiations on an even footing with the rest of the members of the EU. The following table shows how Scotland compares with EU member states on rural development (CAP Pillar 2) payments before and after the recent CAP negotiations.


Table 2: Annual CAP Pillar 2 - payments for 2007/2013 and for 2014/2020

Member State

Average 2007/13 Rural
Development Funding
Per Hectare of Utilised
Agricultural Area Per

Average 2014/20 Rural
Development Funding
Per Hectare of Utilised
Agricultural Area Per

Malta €969 €1,236
Croatia - €249
Slovenia €271 €248
Austria €182 €178
Cyprus €205 €165
Greece €151 €163
Portugal €160 €160
Finland €134 €148
Slovakia €148 €141
Italy €100 €116
Luxembourg €103 €109
Estonia €109 €109
Poland €131 €107
Hungary €103 €92
Czech Republic €116 €88
Lithuania €91 €83
Sweden €91 €81
Romania €82 €81
Latvia €83 €77
EU 27/28 Average €76 €76
Germany €78 €70
Ireland €78 €69
Bulgaria €75 €66
Belgium €51 €58
Spain €48 €49
France €37 €48
Netherlands €45 €46
Denmark €31 €34
United Kingdom €20 €21
Scotland €11 €12


Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.