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Would advertising be necessary as in Ireland? £320 million is raised annually in Scotland from licence fees alone, but, following the implementation of the BBC’s ‘Delivering Quality First’ initiative, the level of spend by the BBC in Scotland could be as low as £175 million in 2016/17. As a comparison the total annual cost of Ireland’s RTÉ is around £286 million.

In addition to the £320 million raised in licence fees in Scotland, around £12 million per year is made available by the Scottish Government for Gaelic broadcasting, and the Scottish proportionate share of profits of ongoing BBC commercial ventures is around £13 million to £19 million – approximately £345 million per year in total.

On this basis, SBS would be in a position to provide a high-quality publicly-funded public service broadcaster within the resources available, without seeking revenue from advertising.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.