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The current Scottish Government fully supports the Living Wage campaign and its principle of encouraging employers to reward their staff fairly. We have led by example by ensuring all staff covered by the public sector pay policy are paid the Scottish Living Wage. This covers the 180,000 people in Scotland working for central government, its agencies and the NHS

This is part of the Scottish Government’s “social wage” – the contract between the people of Scotland and their Government. Our commitment to support the Scottish Living Wage for the duration of this Parliament is a decisive, long-term commitment to those on the lowest incomes. However, over 400,000 people in Scotland are working for less than the living wage and the majority of these are women.

A priority for action in an independent Scotland for the current Scottish Government would be to fund the Poverty Alliance to deliver a Living Wage Accreditation Scheme to promote the living wage and increase the number of private companies that pay it to make decent pay the norm in our country. We will continue to support and promote the living wage if Scotland becomes independent.

Source: Scotland's Future, Scottish Government, November 2013.